Public outreach

Communication of science is almost as important as doing research to further scientific knowledge. Inspiring and encouraging the general public and, in particular, younger members of the public is crucial to the advancement of knowledge. It is something that I have always enjoyed, right from my high school days, when I would visit various public outreach events, to today when I take part in many public outreach events focused on science communication. Some of my talks have been recorded and can be viewed on youtube or on various podcasts platforms as linked below.

Technology and business

As someone who wants to realise the true potential of cutting edge technologies by using them to solve the toughest problems in the world, I often speak at business and technology events. At EcoSync, where I used to be the head of data science, we were involved with a Microsoft accelerator called "Ai4good". Below is the video showing all the amazing startups at that program and my talk starts at 13min 26secs.